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Marc Jacobs: South Park was an honour

Marc Jacobs says being featured in South Park is the "greatest honour of [his] entire life".

The fashion designer is renowned for his creativity, and is currently rumoured to be the frontrunner to replace John Galliano at Christian Dior. He received the lifetime achievement prize at the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards this year and has since been inducted onto the board.

Despite all this, the thing which really thrilled the designer was having his likeness feature on American comedy animation South Park.

"That was probably the greatest honour of my entire life so far. I am the Muscle Man Marc doll on South Park, and I joined the very great ranks of being one of Cartman's toys - although I get boiled to death at the end of the episode," he told NY Mag's The Cut. "I think [South Park creators] Matt and Trey are just probably the two most brilliant people in the entire world, and it is definitely my favourite program on TV... I have two of Cartman's toys tattooed, one on each forearm - Clyde Frog and the other one is Rumpletumskin."

The designer had no idea he would be included on the show beforehand. He's been shooting scenes for movie Disconnect and while in the trailer a friend told him about the episode.

He immediately downloaded it and was thrilled with what he saw. It made such an impact on the designer he's planning to get a permanent reminder about it.

"Honestly, without hesitation, it is the greatest honour, I mean, way above and beyond the lifetime achievement award, beyond anything. It's like, to be immortalized on South Park, I can die a happy man," he said. "That'll be my next tattoo, the Muscle Man Marc from South Park."

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