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Mariah Carey: I start trends

Mariah Carey has joked that many of the '90s biggest looks are down to her.

Mariah Carey would love to get more recognition for her work as a fashion trendsetter.

The iconic singer may be best known for her huge vocal range, but she's also been the first to rock many trends over the years. She was working body con dresses before the Kardashians had ever stepped near spandex, and she's joked it's about time people sat up and took notice.

"Oh, really?" she asked Refinery29, when it was remarked that she'd led the fashion way in the '90s. "That would be nice to get some acknowledgement on that."

Around that time Mariah was famed for her signature curly hair, but these days she's tends to channel a sleeker look. In real life her locks are wavy, rather than as tightly coiled as they used to be, and her four-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan have taken after her.

"My hair is not as naturally curly as I made it," she explained. "They’re not ringlets, but my babies have perfect ringlets. My daughter has these great curls. And, oh my goodness, my son has wild hair when he wakes up."

The singer puts a lot of effort into making her tresses look their best, and that's something she's going to instil in her little ones too.

"I use a regular conditioner and leave it in, any conditioner, and treat it as a leave-in conditioner," she explained. "I do the same thing with my kids. So you have to comb through it when it’s wet and leave a good conditioner on it, then either dry it with a diffuser or towel-dry it and let it dry naturally."

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