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Marilyn Manson: Why I’m working out

Marilyn Manson has started training so he can handle himself in a fight and not rely on bodyguards.

The 46-year-old shock rocker is known more for his gothic demeanour than his toned body, but he's decided that now is the time to start training.

Marilyn's new gym regime isn't about getting fit though, but rather so he can handle himself in a fight.

"I've been doing a lot of training because I want to fight people. I don't know why. I just thought it would be an exciting new hobby. In the past, I've started fights and then didn't finish them because I have a bodyguard. But I want to be good at it," he told Details magazine of his new gym routine.

As his body gets leaner, Marilyn will be adding more ink to his skin.

He's already heavily tattooed, with artwork covering both of his arms and chest. However, there's still room for fresh inkings on the musician's body. One idea he has for a possible new piece is to commemorate infamous criminal Charles Manson's upcoming marriage.

Marilyn's stage name came about by combining Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson's monikers, so the two men have something of a connection.

"I don't know if I'll be invited [to the wedding], and I don't even understand how that would ever happen. I tend to stay out of the Manson thing. I'm not mocking him, and I'm not praising him. I'm just simply stating his place in history. So, I think I'm supposed to go get a tattoo now.

"It will say FATED, FAITHFUL, FATAL. It's from one of my new songs. I'm getting it around my neck, gangster-style. I've just got to find the right font so it looks super, super, extra-gay—like it would in jail," he explained.

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