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Marion Cotillard: My appearance doesn't matter

Actress Marion Cotillard hopes her looks aren't the only thing people focus on when watching her movies.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Actress Marion Cotillard has dismissed claims she's a "striking beauty" in the vein of Monica Bellucci.

The 39-year-old star has appeared in a range of movies, from independent releases to big budget flicks. Over her varied career she's continually been tagged as one of the most beautiful stars of her generation, thanks to her clear skin and toned frame. That's not something she's particularly interested in though.

"I've never thought of myself as having the kind of striking beauty that a Monica Bellucci, for example, has. I think my face can take on many different kinds of looks and that I can be convincing in many types of roles, which of course is a great advantage for an actress," she told Britain's Hello! magazine.

Rather than lapping up the discussion on her appearance, Marion focuses on how other Hollywood stars handle it. There are two actresses she is envious of, because they manage to use their looks to win varied roles and don't always have others commenting on them.

"I'm very appreciative of the special beauty that Penélope Cruz and Jessica Chastain have and how they are able to throw themselves into so many different kinds of parts where you don't necessarily pay attention to their looks. That is how I hope people see me," she said.

As well as a solid Hollywood career, Marion has also made a name for herself in the design world. She's modelling for the likes of Christian Dior, created a handbag for the label and turned her hand to jewellery design too.

In May (15), Marion created Chopard's first ever ethically-sourced jewellery, a necklace and bracelet, which she found rewarding.

“You design while thinking of the people who work on extracting the stones, so it’s a totally different energy,” she explained WWD at the time.

“Why should the creation of dreams and luxury turn into a nightmare for the people who are providing the raw material?”

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