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Martin Freeman: I love fashion

Martin Freeman is image conscious and wouldn't skydive in case it "ruined his hair".

The Hobbit actor has defended his mod style and passion for fashion.

He denied recent claims by British actor Benedict Cumberbatch that Martin wouldn't go skydiving with him purely because it wasn't cool.

Martin isn't a slave to the latest trends and has no desire to be seen as hip, he is simply passionate about mod style which he fiercely defends.

"Yeah, I am I suppose [image conscious], but I'm not too cool to go skydiving; I just don't fancy it. It would ruin my hair, though. But, yeah, I like clothes," Martin explained to British magazine Shortlist.

"I've been into what I've been into since I was about nine years old [the mod style]. And I've always loved clothes. Even before I had money, I went charity shopping. So I've always had an eye for clothes."

Martin explained how mod style - which emerged when British youngsters tried to break away from the stiffness of the 1950s - is essentially an underground movement. He claims looking like a mod is about more than just your wardrobe, it is a way of life.

The actor is so obsessed with being seen as unique that he'd even change himself if too many people started looking like him.

"People see me walking around town and I look a certain way. I don't expect other people to be into it. If everyone became a mod, I would probably become a rocker," Martin fumed. "Because that's the mod thing to do. It's about being an individual. It shouldn't be about a uniform."

Martin expressed his worries about the recent surge in high street stores selling mod-inspired apparel, although he admits he's probably being selfish.

"If it means a 16-year-old likes a pair of shoes with laces instead of just a pair of trainers, then I've got nothing against that," Martin explained. "I just get wary of it for my own sake, because I've stuck my neck out before on that mod thing."

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