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Martin Freeman transforms Hobbit to Moddit

Martin Freeman's friends have nicknamed his The Hobbit character 'The Moddit' due to his attire.

The British actor is renowned for his love of Mod culture and is often seen out in snappy suits and well-tailored jackets. He portrays Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming Hobbit movies and as soon as he got the part his friends began teasing him about the old-fashioned costume he'd need to don.

"Me and my friends call it The Moddit. A little paisley scarf, a little bit of brocade. A wine coloured corduroy jacket...," he laughed to Esquire magazine.

"You would see bits of it [in the movies if you looked closely]. I would say for those who would know what to look for there are tiny glimpses, I did what I could."

The 41-year-old realises he is close to becoming better known for his Mod aesthetic than he is for his acting. "I may as well just wear a pork pie hat with a Union Jack on it," he joked.

The star takes fashion seriously and enjoys looking for key pieces. He has a group of friends who dress just like him and they tend to hunt for outfits together. However, an overwhelming sense of style isn't that important to the star in the grand scheme of things.

"The people I go out with and the people I meet up with to go clothes shopping with or the people I go DJ'ing with, that's one group of people. And then I have other people who are really, really funny and amazingly talented and urbane and some of those people are both, but you need different things from people, you know. And the funniest people I know aren't necessarily the ones in Sta-Prest," he said.

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