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Mary J Blige's secret scent

Mary J Blige won't reveal the name of her new perfume.

The singer has created a new scent to follow up her first award-winning offering My Life.

The floral fragrance was created to celebrate her victory over the hardships she has faced and recently won two FiFi awards, which are dubbed the Oscars of the fragrance industry.

"Today I'm wearing my new perfume. It'll be out in the spring - I can't tell you the name yet," she coyly told British newspaper the Guardian.

"I won the award because we sold it through [shopping channel] HSN and we did 65,000 bottles on our first day. I have the award in a room with my other awards: nine Grammys, nine Billboard awards, an MTV award. They're all in there!"

This month Mary's toned body is gracing the cover of Shape magazine, but the sporty shoot has attracted some backlash.

The Shackles singer has drawn online criticism for flaunting her physique at the age of 42, but says she's proud of the body she's worked so hard for.

"It is what it is. If I was a man, they wouldn't bother, but it's what they do, and I don't really. I don't know what to say about it. I earned this body and I worked hard at it. Hopefully at 45 I'll look even better.

"I took the tattoos away [from the pictures] because I wanted people to look at me, to see the body of work. And the magazine probably wanted to retouch them anyway, so it was a mutual decision," she explained.

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