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Mary Katrantzou: I love black attire

Mary Katrantzou says black is her "uniform".

The designer famously uses bold patterns and colourful hues in her pieces. However, when it comes to her own attire she likes to keep things more subtle.

"I've only worn black since I was allowed to choose my own clothes. When you're around so much colour, you just don't see it the same way on yourself. My mum would dress me in all-matching patterns, like chequered outfits with a check bow in my hair to finish the look!" she laughed to the January edition of UK magazine Elle.

"But then, aged 12, I went through a grunge phase: black T-shirts with torn jeans and Dr Martens, or black tights with black Converse. Now I wear black Alaïa dresses all the time. It's my uniform."

Mary has an unconventional approach to the working day. She finds she is more creative in the early hours of the morning, so becomes almost nocturnal when she needs to finish her collections.

"I'm a night owl. In a big studio there is so much going on that you don't get space to design in peace, so I'll work at home at night, from 11pm until 5am," she explained.

"I do wonder when I'll realise I've had enough of working like this, but each season I get so ambition and challenged that I'm too excited not to stay up."

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