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Matthew McConaughey: Humour is sexy

Matthew McConaughey says the way to a woman's heart is a good "sense of humour".

The actor revealed that despite his leading man good looks, it is his funny side that impresses the ladies. Now happily engaged to the mother of his two children Camila Alves, the Hollywood hunk has dated some of the world's most beautiful women including Penélope Cruz and Sandra Bullock.

"Yeah. My mom would tell you the same with more detail," he told Total Film magazine when asked if had always had a knack for charming women. "I mean, I've always been comfortable with women. I've always been comfortable being attractive to a woman. And I've always been attracted in very different and specific things: beauty, yes, but here's the deal Sense of humour, man. That's what women love."

Matthew also recalled how his silly side earned him a kiss from his childhood sweetheart.

The 42-year-old had tried for years to woo her, but in the end it was his jokes that sealed the deal.

"Since I was ten years old, trying to get a kiss from Julianna Hayes on the trampoline. She said no for four years, and I finally got one. It was sense of humour it was fun," he said.

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