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Matthew McConaughey ‘made muscle plan’

Matthew McConaughey was still "pumping iron to keep his muscles intact" during his extreme weight loss for Dallas Buyer's Club last year.

The Hollywood heartthrob dropped around 38lbs. last year to play AIDS patient Ron Woodruff in Dallas Buyer's Club.

Matthew has now been spotted looking healthy again and website TMZ claims the hunk was always "secretly plotting to immediately pack on the weight and regain his famous physique".

According to sources, Matthew was "still pumping iron to keep his muscles intact" even while shooting the release and the process was "very well planned out" by the actor.

Camila - who gave birth to the couple's third child Livingston three months ago – recently explained that Matthew's method of shedding so much weight was a lengthy one.

''It wasn't hard, it was a long process. It wasn't something that was done in a short bit of time. There was a lot of work put in and he was very disciplined. We made sure we had a whole system in place so it was safe," she said.

''He was great, we had a funny dynamic because he was losing and I was gaining!''

Camila insists the star is well on the road to recovering the weight he lost for the big screen role and she has been giving him a helping hand.

''He's good, were working on slowly getting him back to his normal weight. [I'm cooking for him], but I cooked for him to lose it too so it's all part of the process," she smiled.

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