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Matthew McConaughey: Naked torso is in my nature

Matthew McConaughey insists he enjoyed being topless long before he found fame.

The laidback actor is often photographed showing off his toned torso in the sunshine. Matthew claims he never liked wearing a shirt during hot weather and didn't strip off to attract more attention to his physique.

"I was running around without a shirt on long before anyone was taking pictures of it," he told Total Film. "And I'll continue to run around with a shirt off long after."

The 42-year-old hunk went on to explain why he went through a period of constantly being photographed without a shirt.

Matthew has blamed his movie roles and high temperatures for being regularly spotted in a state of undress.

"Here's where it came from: I had basically three summers in a row. I had a shirtless summer in Malibu," he explained.

"Then, in winter in Malibu, I went to Australia and did Fool's Gold. So it's summertime in Australia, alright? So on and off screen, I'm shirtless again. And then I came back for another summer, in Malibu, right? And not only in that summer was I shirtless, but I made a movie called Surfer, Dude. So I had basically four summers - two of them were really like summers, and the other two were movie summers."

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