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Maya Rudolph: 'I love a high-waisted mom jean!'

High-waisted trousers have become an essential part of Maya Rudolph's wardrobe.

Actress Maya Rudolph's high-waisted 'mom' jeans have become her best friends after giving birth to four children.

The 43-year-old Saturday Night Live alum always looks super stylish on the red carpet but as she's got older and become a mother, she admits her taste has changed dramatically.

In fact, one item of clothing in particular, which used to be a source of ridicule for Maya and her friends on the sketch show, is now a wardrobe staple.

"We did (SNL skit) 'Mom Jeans' and we thought it was hilarious that we padded our stomachs, and we all look like that now," she laughed in a new Elle magazine interview. "That's what we look like! It's so f**ked up. I do enjoy a high-waisted jean now because it literally keeps in all my mom parts.

"I still have the look of a lady who's had four children, so a high-waisted jean is my best friend now, no joke."

Thankfully for Maya, high-waisted trousers have become fashionable again, so she feels its more acceptable to be seen in hers.

"It's also become hip so I'm seeing these beautiful, skinny millennials wearing mom jeans," she added. "I always thought they were ugly and they didn't have a sense of style, but now I'm like, 'High-waisted? Yes please! Let's tuck it all in!'"

Maya has three daughters and a son with director husband Paul Thomas Anderson and while she's happy with her life, she does worry a little about the future.

"The unknown factor, sure," she replied when asked if she feared getting older. "But it's also like, 'Ugh, that used to be so much easier! Why didn't I appreciate that more?'"

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