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Mayer ‘uses Perry’s products’

John Mayer reportedly can't get enough of using his girlfriend Katy Perry's beauty products.

The stars have been dating for several months, going public at the end of last year and with claims rife they are set to get engaged.

Although friends say they are perfectly suited, there is one area the pair have had to work on. John is a fan of lotions and potions and sent Katy into a fit when he took one of her favourite products without asking.

"Until then Katy had been a good sport about John's metrosexual ways. But things came to a head when she went to use her favourite nail polish and found the cap was loose and the polish had dried out," an insider told National Enquirer.

"Katy doesn't care about having to replace the polish, but she did have it out with John for being so careless.

"Their tiff over the nail polish ended happily enough. John promised to stay away from Katy's cosmetics - but not before jotting down the colour of her nail polish for his assistant."

John has apparently been using Katy's products for quite some time. Since he started dating the star he has undergone an image overhaul, ditching his greasy locks and rocker outfits for short hair and a preppy style.

"John is almost obsessed with looking good, and he doesn't have the least problem using Katy's grooming products to get his handsome on," the source explained.

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