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McConaughey happy with fake tan

Matthew McConaughey helped Dallas Buyers Club make-up artist Robin Mathews come up with looks for the film.

The star picked up the Oscar for best actor at last night's Academy Awards thanks to his portrayal of AIDS sufferer Ron Woodroof in the movie.

The moving drama focuses on Ron's last days, meaning Matthew had to lose a great deal of weight for the part.

He also had to look varying degrees of ill throughout the feature, but luckily the actor had a good idea to help the film's make-up artist, Robin Mathews.

"It was actually Matthew's idea and it wasn’t necessarily to make him look heavier, but healthier. He totally came up with it," she said of using fake tan on the star.

"Obviously it's the opposite of pale, but Matthew and Jared [Leto, who plays Rayon] had so many levels of sickness to show the different stages of AIDS throughout. [For] one of the first levels of sickness for Matthew, when he showed up in the morning on set... we didn’t do anything to him. He was super skinny and had stayed out of the sun for months, so he wasn’t anywhere as tan as he normally is.

"The next level would be to make him pale, so I’d start with the highlighting and contouring. But as a person, he realised he looked healthier when he had a bit of a tan, and it was his idea to add that back in."

Jared portrays AIDS sufferer and transgender character Rayon in the feature, which bagged him the best supporting actor prize last night.

Robin also didn't leave empty handed and was awarded the gong for best make-up and hairstyling, along with Adruitha Lee.

Throughout the feature Jared sports a series of make-up looks and Robin revealed her inspiration behind the bright pink lipstick Rayon favours.

"I adore that lip colour myself and I can tell you it's a MAC colour. That look is actually inspired from the '60s actress Jane Forth. There is a pretty famous photo of her where she almost has identical make-up on. That, of course, is when Rayon is her healthiest and heaviest. She's not quite the hot mess she ends up toward the end of the film," she explained.

"I especially liked waxing off all her eyebrows and being able to do those fun looks where the eyeshadow comes up on the brow. I came up with the idea that Rayon would be influenced by her mother, the first female she probably had contact with in the beauty world."

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