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Megan Fox: I don't do cardio

Megan Fox says it is hard for her to "maintain weight".

The stunning actress enjoys doing exercise to tone and keep fit. However, she tried not to burn too many calories because she finds it hard to stay above her desired weight.

"I don't do cardio. I don't need to," she revealed in an interview with In Style magazine. "It's hard for me to maintain weight - if I were to burn calories, it would be difficult for me to stay above 100lb. Instead, I do circuit training with weights. I try to make it in to see my trainer three times a week, but that's rarely possible when I'm working."

The beauty also likes to exercise her mind. Megan practises meditation to calm her body and keep her focused.

"I also meditate. I took classes and have gotten pretty good at it," she revealed. "I can stay under and focus for 30 minutes. I put lavender on my forehead and I mix lavender oil with vanilla oil and apply it as a fragrance as they smell really good together."

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