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Megan Gale: I fear a fashion fail

Megan Gale sees it as more of a treat to get dressed up now she's older.

The Australian beauty regularly graces A-list events thanks to her growing acting career and style star status. She looks amazing in every outfit she wears in the spotlight, but that doesn't stop her from fearing the worst in front of the crowds.

“Probably just making sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions - everyone’s worst nightmare! Most of the time I am really just trying to enjoy the moment; the red carpet is an experience that is over so quickly, so you want to soak as much of it up as possible," she explained to

“I feel my style and taste has stayed the same [over time]; the only difference now is that getting that dressed up and pampered is a bit more of a treat as I don’t tend to have the same time to spend these days.”

Megan has been busy promoting her latest film Mad Max: Fury Road, which she stars in as The Valkyrie. She recently attended Cannes Film Festival and as well as enjoying the chance to dress to the nines for the occasion, the 39-year-old also had the opportunity to put another job of hers into practice.

“Aside from the obvious fun of visiting one of my favourite destinations in the world, I think it would have to be catching up with all of the other L'Oréal Paris ambassadors. L'Oréal Paris has such an amazing and diverse group of women, and men, in their ambassador mix and it is such fun to get to see them all again and enjoy Cannes with them," she smiled.

She added that she did a juice cleanse before the annual event as well as cutting out refined sugars and lowering her carb intake to get into shape.

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