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Mel B’s piggy Christmas

Mel B enjoys tucking into festive treats over the Christmas season.

The former Spice Girls singer is married to American film producer Stephen Belafonte, with whom she has daughter Madison with. Mel also has two daughters from previous relationships, Angel Iris Murphy Brown and Phoenix Chi Gulzar.

Now based in Los Angeles Mel finds there is more food-based temptation around the festive season in the US with an extra occasion to celebrate alongside Christmas.

“I pig out like everyone does around this time of year. We have Thanksgiving in the States too, so it’s a double whammy of flab,” she laughed. “Stephen’s an amazing cook and I have to force myself to be healthy. The trouble is, I love pizza and a burger and so do the kids.”

To ensure her daughters grow up heating healthily the 38-year-old star bans any unhealthy treats during the week. Instead they tuck into natural food which are good for them and save the luxuries for the weekend.

“You need to teach your kids by example, so I like them to each chicken, fish and vegetables during the week, but then we can enjoy other food at the weekend,” she explained. “It’s about balance when it comes to being healthy. I’m a strict mum with all my girls, but I hope I’m a bit of a cool mum too.”

While she is happy with a brood of girls, also including Stephen’s daughter Giselle from a previous relationship, Mel admits she wouldn’t be against having a son.

“I always say to Stephen that I’d live to try for that boy. We’ve got three girls and Stephen has a daughter too. I’m a sucker for kids,” she added. “I’m 38 now, so I need to get a move on if we’re going to do it. My body is in good shape, so we could make it work, but we shall see.”

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