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Mel C: I need carbs

Mel C doesn't follow fad diets, preferring to eat sensibly and exercise instead.

The former Spice Girl, who played the role of Sporty, has always had a slim physique and her toned body belies her 40 years.

But the star doesn't buy into fad diets. Instead she favours sensible eating and regular exercise.

"The fasting diet - the 5:2 - I couldn't do that. Eww! I have to eat three meals a day with snacks. I tried the high-protein thing, but I get depressed if I can't eat carbs. I also started doing triathlons a few years ago. Exercise is good for my mind as well as my body," she revealed to British magazine Now.

Her sensible attitude hasn't always been around though, and Melanie fought a very public battle with bulimia and over-exercising.

Mel surmises that her body issues came from the environment she was living in, and says the onset was around the same time as the Spice Girls were ending.

"I'd gone through something that was so insane," she confessed. "I've learnt how to look after myself. I've learnt how to exercise without being obsessive and I've also stopped drinking too much.

"We're all so driven and the world is pretty brutal out there. Women spend so much time beating themselves up and not feeling good enough or slim enough. Sometimes it feels like it's getting worse. You hear really young girls talking about dieting and getting fat - it's scary. Nurture yourself and then everything will fall into place."

Now the only thing that Melanie worries about is the appearance of wrinkles on her face.

But the star, who still remains close to her former bandmates, is looking forward to getting older and couldn't be more content with life.

"The beauty of age is I'm more relaxed about things now. My priorities changed when I became a mom [to five-year-old daughter Scarlet]. The negatives are physical things, like wrinkles. Yuck! But I'm honestly happier now than I was in my 20s," she smiled.

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