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Melissa Benoist's foodie favourites

Actress Melissa Benoist loves to splurge on massages.

Supergirl star Melissa Benoist would supersize an ice-cream drumstick if she had special powers, even though she needs to be healthy to be the superhero.

The 27 year old plays Superman’s cousin in the CBS television series. With her wardrobe consisting of a body skimming superhero outfit Melissa needs to keep in shape and makes sure fresh fruit and vegetables are a big part of her diet.

“I love supermarkets, I love grocery shopping, I love the produce aisle because to be super you have to be healthy, and I would probably stock up on all the fruit,” she grinned to "I love fruit."

Melissa believes it’s important to have a balanced diet and doesn’t stop herself from having occasional treats. But if she had a super power in real life that allowed her to supersize her favourite food, her sweet tooth would win out over her healthy side.

“If I could supersize any food it would be an ice-cream drumstick (in) vanilla caramel, they’re so good,” she added.

As well as eating right, Melissa likes to take care of her body in other ways and admitted that her most superficial splurge is to have regular massages.

“I get them very frequently,” she confessed.

Melissa is loving being part of the superhero world and thankfully her iconic red, blue and yellow costume isn’t a pain to wear.

“It's comfortable," she told ET Online. "I think on the scale of superhero garb, I have it pretty easy. I think it's sophisticated. I love this outfit."

The series has been well received by critics and the star hopes that viewers will love it just as much. In fact, Melissa is hopeful that her alter ego will be a good role model.

“It doesn't matter that she's a girl," she explained. "That's not what you're going to remember her for. She's so brave, and inspiring, and hopeful and that's what is most important. I think the positive influence that this role has is sort of beyond my comprehension right now. Every time I'm around (girls), especially a little girl, it just warms my heart."

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