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Melissa Joan Hart: I can’t pose for photos

Melissa Joan Hart claims she still hasn't mastered the art of taking a good red carpet photo.

The 36-year-old American actress has been in the public eye since finding fame as a youngster on children's TV.

The Sabrina the Teenage Witch star admitted that despite her years of experience attending high-profile events, she hasn't mastered the art of taking a good photo yet.

"I used to get really nervous about it [the red carpet]. It's really intimidating, you try not to make a goofy face but you can't see because you're blind. There's all those flashes going off in your face and you can't see anything. They are yelling at you and, the paparazzi, you learn to get over it, but you learn to go blank, smile, don't talk to anyone, suck it in, put your head up, turn your head, put your hand on your hip," Melissa told the US edition of OK! magazine. "I'm still not very good at it but I try."

Melissa joked that she has a tendency to grin when the cameras starting flashing. She says a toothy smile is not a good look for her.

"I take the worst pictures because I always want to smile and giggle, that's not pretty for a picture. I take the worst pictures because I always want to laugh at the people yelling at me, especially when they use my married name to get my attention," she laughed. "They throw it out there to get you to look at them."

Earlier this week it was announced that Melissa is the new face of Nutrisystem diet aid. The mother-of-three gave birth to a son in September, and has since lost a stunning 20 pounds using the weight loss assistance.

“I love working with Nutrisystem," she gushed in a press release. “The program is really delivering results for me and I look forward to long term success, staying motivated and helping others do the same.”

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