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Melissa McCarthy: Fashion should always be fun

Melissa McCarthy never wants to fit into a fashion pigeonhole, so deliberately made her clothing line “random”.

The actress revealed pieces from her plus-size clothing line Melissa McCarthy by Seven7 yesterday, with a Home Shopping Network debut following on August 13 and the official launch on September 1.

One of the things that inspired her was the idea that nobody should have to put themselves into a style pigeonhole.

“You should never have to dress in a way that’s ‘appropriate,’” she explained to, adding that her collection is deliberately “random”.

“You shouldn’t have to pick a team, pick a side, pick a mood. One day I want to wear a stylish little dress and a heel and the next day I want to wear ripped-up jeans and Converse. That’s the fun in clothing.”

Of course providing fashion to plus-size women is at the heart of her philosophy. Seeing models in her clothing felt overwhelming for Melissa, who is proud she can cater to their curves.

The 44-year-old star believes size should never hold anyone back and that the right outfit can work wonders.

“You feel like you’re not invited to the same party as everybody else, and your self-esteem goes down,” she said. “But if you feel pride in what you wear, you go out into the world with a little bit of joy and then you’re a little nicer to this person and you smile at someone on the street who was maybe having a bad day. They’re little things, but it starts to snowball. And if my clothes can be part of that - my God, I’d be so happy!”

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