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Melissa McCarthy: Movie look took time

Melissa McCarthy joked that getting into her "good drag" costume was a time-consuming process.

The actress stars in Seth Gordon's new comedy film as Diana, who steals the identity of Sandy Bigelow Patterson, a loving husband and father.

The star donned over-the-top 1980s inspired eyeshadow, blush and lipstick plus crunchy hair curls to get into character, which she explained was a rewarding yet lengthy process.

“It was so fun to put all that together,” Melissa revealed to People. "It also was labour-intensive to look that [awesomely] cheesy. [It took] maybe two hours - an hour-and-a-half [to put it on every day]. Good drag takes a while!”

Melissa described how she came to create her character's signature style. It all started with getting the right frizzy and permed mane.

“I’m obsessed with wigs, so I started there and once I sort of locked into [a hairstyle], it was kind of more is more [when it came to make-up],” Melissa laughed.

Diana’s over-the-top purple and blue eyeshadow was born out of Melissa's idea of recreating old soap star Donna Mills' iconic eye look.

“I kept saying, ‘Donna Mills’ eyes!’ So we just kept piling [make-up] on, and then one day [the character] appeared," she explained.

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