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Melissa McCarthy's BFF is Brian Atwood

Melissa McCarthy gets candid about her friendship with shoe designer Brian Atwood.

Melissa McCarthy made a beeline for footwear favourite Brian Atwood when they first met at a high school party.

The two were introduced in their mid-teens and have remained close ever since. Recalling the time she first laid eyes on the fashion star, 45-year-old Melissa says their lives weren't quite as glitzy as they are now.

"There was a high school motel party," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "And I remember everyone was like mingling around the two beds and all I was trying to do was get to Brian because I knew he made clothing, and I made clothing and I wanted to know where he shopped for fabric, so everyone was really trying to get blasted and I was trying to get a fabric question answered. And we met and that was it. Oh, and my sister was very intoxicated and went down on the floor."

The bond has seen them both work through a series of dead-end jobs before they made the big time in their respective fields. While Melissa is a designer in her own right, celebrity favourite Brian is still on hand to supply shoes for her big life events.

"Brian made my shoes for my wedding (to comedian Ben Falcone)," she smiled. "He was one of my bridesmen. And he made my shoes for the Oscars with an inscription on them. He has always been there — literally when I was in labour, for my wedding, he was the first person to put me on a stage, he was the one who walked me down to go to the Oscars.

On Friday (23Oct15) Brian feted the launch of his new book Pumped, which is a celebration of men in stilettos. Melissa presided over the evening, with A-list stars Kate Hudson, Kris Jenner and Scout and Tallulah Willis all turning up to show support.

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