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Menu Suvari: Beauty begins with health

Mena Suvari says looking good is all about treating your body well on the inside.

The American actress is proud of her shiny hair and blemish free skin. She was taught the importance of having a healthy lifestyle from a young age and credits her father with encouraging her to eat well.

"My father was European so there as always fresh food in the house. People get caught up in trying to treat themselves from the outside in and it's really about what you do on the inside," she said.

The star will always look up to her father as she has so much in common with him. They share similar mind sets, such as both realising there is no quick fix when it comes to health.

"I have my dad's brain and am very science-minded," Mena explained to Look magazine. "I know if I wasn't in the entertainment industry I'd have gone into the medical field."

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