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Mia Wasikowska: Period dress is 'awful'

Mia Wasikowska thought the period costumes for her role as Jane Eyre were "awful".

The Australian actress portrays the title character in the Cary Fukunaga adaptation of the popular Charlotte Bronte romantic novel.

Mia stars alongside Michael Fassbender in the film. Although she loved playing the part opposite the Hollywood star, she wasn't so enamoured with the outfits.

"They were so uncomfortable," she explained in an interview with "Honestly, they were awful.

"They were fantastic for the role because they really helped me to understand the repression and restriction the women of that time went through. I really admired Jane though, she's such an individual thinker. She never compromises, which I think is pretty cool."

Mia names Rodarte and Roland Mouret among her favourite designers. The 21-year-old star has a keen eye for style and an admiration for creators of such wonderful fashion.

"I definitely have an appreciation for fashion," said. "I mean, those guys - the designers I mean - they're just so incredibly creative. I love Clare Tough, I think she's British, she does the most amazing knitted sweaters."

Mia is getting used to her burgeoning fame. However, the star insists she won't be seen as the face of a brand any time soon.

"I'm not sure about becoming a campaign star though," she said. "It would depend on what brand it was for and on timings - we'll see."

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