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Mia Wasikowska praised for corset dedication

Mia Wasikowska should be "congratulated" for wearing uncomfortable attire without a "single complaint", says a costume designer.

The Australian actress portrayed the title character in Cary Fukunaga's big screen adaption of novel Jane Eyre, also starring Dame Judi Dench and Michael Fassbender.

The film's on-set costume designer Michael O'Connor says the cast should be proud of their efforts to convincingly portray their characters with the use of restrictive pieces.

"Well, I don't think many women want to wear a corset everyday of their lives, but that is what Mia had to do to get the right shape. I'm sure Michael doesn't want to wear trousers cut quite so high with braces and skirted coat and scarves around his neck. And likewise, I don't think Judi Dench really wants to be so buttoned up," he told

"I know with Judi, we could've gone further over-the-top with her, but I know that she wouldn't have felt correct like that. So even though it was a dialogue with all of the actors about those things, but you know, really, Mia has to be congratulated because she tolerated all of it every day, without a single complaint."

Michael insists there was no way to make the restrictive corsets more comfortable for the actresses.

"It'd be great if you could, but for them to do their work, it has to be constructed in a certain way. If they're not, they won't last half a day. It'd just be like a flannel or an old rag. And I know when Mia put it on, she was feeling - she was becoming Jane as it were, so it helps the character. It's quite a relief to take it off, as I'm sure she'll tell you," he smiled.

Michael is nominated for a Best Costume Design Oscar for his work on the drama. He has given his opinion on the other category nominees

"I met Mark Bridges [who is nominated for The Artist] once in Los Angeles, he's very pleasant," he said.

"I met Arianne Phillips [who is nominated for W.E.] many, many years ago. And I met Lisy Christl [of Anonymous] when I was doing Jane Eyre, in London. I've known Sandy Powell [who is nominated for Hugo] for a very long time. Definitely the longest. I love her work and all of it - I think this year, particularly, the people are really strong, amazing technical achievements."

Michael won an Oscar for The Duchess in 2008.


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