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Michael Kors has extreme work ethic

Michael Kors is either a "dervish or collapsed" when it comes to his work.

The American designer prides himself on being hard-working and taking his job seriously. When he's creating a collection he puts in long hours and doesn't rest until every detail is perfect, although he also understands the benefits of down time.

"I'm a dervish! I'm either a dervish or I'm collapsed! I have no middle ground. I don't understand people who have a normal nine-to-five job. I'm either literally passed out on a beach with a stack of terrible tabloids or working 19 hours a day," he laughed.

Michael grew up in Long Island in New York and was surrounded by people with a strong work ethic. Many of his relatives were interested in fashion, with his grandparents and mother working in the industry.

It meant Michael was introduced to it from an early age and always knew where his career path lay.

"I think that most designers - fashion people - like to reinvent themselves, and a lot of them burn their past. I actually relish my past. It's served me well," he told the UK edition of Vogue magazine.

"Everyone was busy. There were no idle people. I didn't grow up with a group of people who just sat around and drank cocktails All my aunts were in midriffs and crochet dresses. They took me everywhere, and they talked about clothes all day long. That was the topic. On Long Island there's no culture. The only culture is to shop."

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