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Michelle Pfeiffer: Actors are vain too

Michelle Pfeiffer thinks actors are "just as vain" as actresses.

The Hollywood star is a regular in movies but still finds it hard to watch her performances. Michelle admits to being extra critical about the way she looks on screen, but insists male stars are just as bad.

"No, I think actors are just as vain as actresses," she told Stylist magazine.

"I'm just so critical. I'm always expecting perfection and then I end up disappointed and embarrassed. For many years, when I had to watch my films [at premieres], it would finish and I would realise that I had stopped breathing. I would wonder how long it'd been since I took a breath. It hasn't gotten any easier."

Michelle is famed for her stunning looks and admits it was hard trying to convince people she was more than just a pretty face to begin with.

The 54-year-old star was eager to break the mould of gorgeous Hollywood stars early on in her career.

"In the beginning, but I was pretty lucky. I didn't have to fight that struggle for long. Married to the Mob was a critical turning point for me. I was so surprised [director] Jonathan [Demme] gave me the opportunity to play the part. He was able to see past how I looked and trust that I could create this other woman, because there was nothing really in my body of work that would've given him an inkling I could do that," she explained.

"Not that I hadn't done some good work - I had - but I hadn't really transformed myself in that way. All of a sudden I couldn't really be pigeonholed anymore."

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