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Michelle Pfeiffer 'struggles in heels'

Michelle Pfeiffer has "gone downhill" in her ability to perform in high heels.

The stunning actress donned sky-high shoes for her role as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard in upcoming fantasy film Dark Shadows.

Director Tim Burton says Michelle showed she is able to pull off a role in tricky footwear when she portrayed Catwoman in 1992's Batman Returns, however she struggled with her strut more this time round.

"Batman Returns was sort of tense, because you're filming on rooftops and she's having to do action in high heels," Tim explained in an interview with Empire magazine.

"This time was very pleasant. Although she did have to walk down some steps in high heels and had trouble with that. So in one area she's gone downhill..."

Jonny Lee Miller stars as Roger Collins in the movie. The British actor dons flared trousers and polo necks for his role, which Tim has joked he was thrilled about.

"I'd say he's probably the one character that really loves the fact that he lives in the early '70s," he laughed.

Dark Shadows - which is based on a gothic soap opera of the same name that aired from 1966 to 1971 - also stars Johnny Depp and Eva Green. Johnny plays imprisoned vampire, Barnabas Collins, who returns to his ancestral home to protect his dysfunctional descendants after he is set free.

The movie is set to hit theatres from May.

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