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Michelle Williams: I'm not stylish

Michelle Williams has denied she is a style icon, claiming her real life is very different to the image people have of her.

The actress rebuffed claims she is a trendsetter and explained she dresses for comfort rather than style.

The 32-year-old mother-of-one leads a very unglamorous existence off screen in comparison to the dolled up star seen on red carpets.

"A style icon?" Michelle exclaimed to the British edition of Glamour magazine. "I'm not a style icon. My life is a car pool, pyjamas, and not showering every day. My real life is very different from this."

Michelle has made a string of perfectly turned out appearances at awards seasons over the last few years. However, she is still not comfortable with red carpet dressing, in particular when it comes to getting ready for the most high profile of them all - the Oscars.

Last year Michelle wore a strapless orange Louis Vuitton gown to the prestigious ceremony and explained how worried she was despite looking amazing.

"Every time you go to the Oscars feels like your first time," Michelle explained. "I was very nervous."

Michelle described how she felt when she wore a pale pink princess-like strapless Dior gown to the Paris premiere of her movie My Week With Marilyn in 2012. The shy star used the occasion as a chance to indulge her style fantasies.

"I don't like having my picture taken. It makes me shy," she continued. "But when I put on this dress, I had a moment where I wanted to put that aside and say, 'My goodness, I am going to a premiere in Paris, for a movie where I played Marilyn, and wearing Dior Couture.'"

Looking back at her debut Oscars outfit, which she wore to the 2006 ceremony, gives Michelle mixed feelings. The star donned a striking mustard coloured Vera Wang gown and was nominated for best supporting actress for movie Brokeback Mountain.

"It was a good dress, a good year, and a good movie," she reflected. "That was my first time at the Oscars. I didn't know what was going on. Gosh, it was so crazy. I don't even recognise myself, I have to say."

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