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Michelle Williams: Natural hair is best

Michelle Williams "prefers" to be a brunette.

The actress is starring as one of the most famous blondes of all time, Marilyn Monroe in new movie My Week with Marilyn.

However, Michelle feels more like herself when she is brunette.

"I have changed my hair colour over the years, depending on parts I am playing," she explained to British newspaper The Sun.

"But I prefer to be brunette. As a blonde, I cannot really see it or feel it. How do men react to me as blonde? They see a flash of hair and that is what they are responding to. I have to say that the reactions I get when I am brunette are from the men I would like to date. My natural hair colour is brown, so maybe that has something to do with it."

Michelle prefers to look natural in her clothes too. The stunning star can feel overwhelmed wearing designer clothes.

When she was 18 and starring in TV Series Dawson's Creek, Michelle didn't know what to do with some of the luxurious clothes she was offered.

"My agent said that she would get something sent to me from a designer, when I was in Dawson's Creek," she explained. "I was sent a box of clothes from Marc Jacobs and thought they had made a mistake. There was a Michelle Williams in Destiny's Child and I thought that they must be for her. They were such beautiful clothes that I did not think for a second they could have been prepared for me."

Michelle insists that her sense of style has improved since then. The Hollywood star used to favour high street fashion over anything too extravagant.

"I didn't think about sense of style or fashion. I would buy sweaters and jeans, T-shirts and flip-flops and woollen hats," she smiled.

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