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Mick Jagger on 'glamoflage' style

Sir Mick Jagger wanted his outfit for the Glastonbury music festival to be “very English”.

The Rolling Stones headlined the iconic UK music event last month and frontman Mick lit up the stage with his sequin-embroidered jacket in emerald green, khaki and black. His girlfriend L’Wren Scott designed the outfit for him and the couple have explained the inspiration behind it.

“We were joking about the ‘glamouflage’ at Glastonbury, and he said, ‘Well I want it to be oak leaf.’ So if you look at it closely you see the oak leaves - it’s quite cool,” L’Wren explained to WWD. “So I did some tests of embroidery of leaves and I showed [Mick] a drawing with an embroidery or visual attached. He loved the leaf idea, and I said it’s kind of like a ‘glamouflage’… It just felt very right for Glasto, to open the show with a very outdoorsy feel - and the crowd was incredible.”

“We started to think about the Glastonbury show and I said to her that [I wanted] something very English - an oak leaf,” Mick added. “Nobody [in the audience] realised they were really oak leaves - but I did.”

Mick also wanted his outfit for the recent Rolling Stones concert at London’s Hyde Park to be deeply significant. The rockers previously played there 44 years ago, and famously released hundreds of cabbage white butterflies in tribute to guitarist Brian Jones, who had died days before.

L’Wren designed a black embroidered and beaded jacket featuring a butterfly pattern for Mick to wear for the recent show. Under the stage lights, the item shimmered and looked like the winged creatures were flying around.

“I wanted to have something really magical and interesting,” she explained. “I was really obsessed by phantom butterflies — you see them at night and they are kind of iridescent blue and green and white.”

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