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Mick Jagger on 'glamorous' tour outfits

Sir Mick Jagger says his stage costumes have to be form fitting and "glamorous".

The Rolling Stones star has revealed how he creates dramatic impact with his wardrobe.

Mick has very clear ideas about how he wants to look on stage depending on where he is performing.

"When you're onstage [the costumes] have to fit, and they have to be - for me - glamorous," Mick explained to WWD. "They have to fit in with the show. If you're doing a small club like we did the other week [in Paris], you don't want to dress up like a popinjay. If you're playing in a really big stadium, you want to be in super bright colours, otherwise you just get lost. But if you're in an arena that's really well-lit, like we're going to be in the next few shows, you don't have to be looking like a Day-Glo."

Mick wore a monochrome ensemble for last night's Rolling Stones show at The O2 arena in London. The stylish rocker's fitted suit jacket matched his trilby hat in the same patterned black and white material.

The 69-year-old wowed on stage during the performance, which is part of the band's 50th anniversary tour.

The rock star has discussed the significance of his outfits for 50 & Counting: The Rolling Stones Live tour. Mick says his slender physique and feeling comfortable dictates what he can wear on stage.

"I've always done a kind of skinny silhouette because I am skinny; I don't have to worry about covering up fat bits! So you've got to emphasise your silhouette. But then sometimes you want, on top of that, clothes that have movement," Mick explained. "So I've always done a lot of coats influenced by riding coats of the 18th or early 19th centuries - what the French call 'red in gote.' I do those with a small tail. Obviously I've done other more mad things. I've done capes and things."

While he mixes up his outfits with fancy hats and coats, Mick always keeps the same trousers on during performances.

"The show has a beginning, so it's very important to make an entrance. If there's a second act where the lights or the scene changes, it's good to have a different [look]," Mick finished. "I don't get time to change my pants really. So the pants stay. So they've got to be super comfy, and not cause me problems. I might change my coat or shirts."

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