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Mila Kunis celebrates self-worth with jewelry

Mila Kunis bought a Cartier bracelet to celebrate friendship and self-worth.

The actress has shared the story behind a luxury designer bangle she owns and explained it was a treat to herself she bought on a girly holiday.

Named the 'Love' bracelet, the star said the souvenir is a symbol of appreciating herself.

"I have to take it off tonight before my next movie. But otherwise I always wear this," she told the August issue of British Elle. "I got it three years ago when I went with a girlfriend to Paris. The whole trip was symbolic; we each bought this bracelet to show it was basically OK to love ourselves."

Mila also revealed she has recently treated herself to two pricey jackets.

The brunette beauty said that the designs by Olsen sisters Ashley and Mary-Kate are stunning, but admitted that even on a Hollywood salary they don't come cheap.

"Those girls make the most beautiful clothes and the most expensive clothes ever. It's insane! I'll have to wear them until the end of time," she said of her purchases.

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