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Mila Kunis exercises to eat treats

Mila Kunis exercises to make up for indulgences.

The stunning actress is known for her trim body but admits she loves food treats and the odd tipple. Mila, who famously lost 25lbs to portray a ballerina in Black Swan, explained that while she has a relaxed attitude towards her diet and exercise regime she does feel the pressure to stay in shape.

"I love a glass of wine. You're not supposed to say that but I see nothing wrong with it. My other favourite thing to do is eat, so I go to the gym for precisely that reason," she told the British edition of Elle magazine.

"I'm not saying I need to be a size zero, but any actress who tells you she's not conscious of the pressure is lying. I'm OK with who I am - but it doesn't mean there's not room for improvement."

Mila also revealed why she signed as a face of French fashion house Dior.

The brunette beauty looks like a natural model starring in the luxe label's gorgeous campaigns but said she wouldn't work with just any brand.

"I've always been tentative about the idea, but this was an easy decision. Why not be a part of a fashion house that I look up to? The truth about Dior is that it makes you feel special and I would never want to be a part of a brand that didn't make me feel good," she said.

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