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Mila Kunis: I miss shopping

Mila Kunis says fame has ruined her wardrobe.

The star's enjoyment of buying clothes has been ruined since she became a recognised figure in the public eye.

Her shopping habit is the thing that has altered the most since she gained her celebrity status.

"It's a lot more difficult to go shopping than it used to be, I miss that," Mila revealed to British magazine more!

The actress has recently been voted the world's sexiest woman but still takes care choosing her outfits. Despite her flawless appearance and classy sense of style, Mila is just like every other girl when it comes to picking her clothes.

"Come on, what girl doesn't love to go into a good store, look around for hours, and come out with bags of stuff?" Mila questioned. "I can't do that comfortably any more - it's not the same when you're being stared at and watched to see what you buy! Crazy, right?!"

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