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Mila Kunis' 'protein-packed diet'

Mila Kunis apparently likes to keep her cupboards stocked with healthy snacks to "graze" on.

The 31-year-old actress and her partner Ashton Kutcher welcomed their daughter Wyatt on October 1. Mila has already snapped back into shape, in part said to be thanks to her only putting on 25lbs. while she was expecting.

She's also being careful about what she eats, not just because of her weight but as she wants to be as healthy as she can for her little girl.

"Mila has always been into clean eating, so she's really trying to stick with it now that baby Wyatt is here," an insider told the US edition of OK! magazine. "She makes sure to keep healthy snacks like almonds and fruit in the house that she can graze on, and when she actually has time to sit down for a meal she'll have spinach or kale salad with protein. She knows she needs to keep her energy up."

Dietician and nutritionist Lisa DeFazio suggested that because the actress was in such good shape before her pregnancy, she was able to lose the weight easily. She was apparently not too obsessive about meals either.

"Mila looked after herself but she didn't count calories or stress over weight gain. She allowed herself to indulge in Mexican food, burgers, or any other cravings when she had them," the source said.

The actress has been sensible when it comes to exercise following the birth. Before she enjoyed things like spinning and yoga, and while they are still a hit with the star she's been careful not to overdo things. That means that instead of weights she relies on carrying her baby to keep her arms toned, plus walking has become a favourite.

"Mila hasn't hired a nanny, so she doesn't have a lot of time to herself. She's a huge fan of yoga and even though she can't get to the studio right now, she'll practice 30 minutes to an hour every morning while Wyatt is napping," the source said.

"It's taking a bit of time to work her body back up to high-impact workouts, so she's really walking off a lot of the weight."

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