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Milano: I eat very cleanly

Alyssa Milano “always likes to know” where her food comes from.

The former Charmed actress has always had a clear focus on what she puts in her body. And she opened up about exactly what measures she takes in Extraordinary Health Magazine.

“I was a vegetarian up until my last pregnancy when I was pregnant with Bella, I started craving lean meats and added them in moderation,” she explained. “I eat very clean with no preservatives, very little sugar, no genetically modified foods, and I like to always know where my food comes from.”

The 42-year-old has two children, son Milo Thomas and daughter Elizabella Dylan with husband David Bugliari. But she admits that while the whole family try to avoid additives, she does have one vice.

“Dark chocolate. Definitely dark chocolate!” she laughed.

As well as what she eats, Alyssa also has an exercise plan in place. But she also finds being a mother keeps her in shape.

“I work out regularly with yoga, spinning and Pilates classes,” she added. “And I chase after Milo!”

The Mistresses star also took the opportunity to share her beauty secrets with the publication. And true to her simplified way of eating and exercising, there’s nothing too complicated about her daily regime.

“I take vitamins and drink lots of water. I think it’s very important for overall health and to keep your skin looking good,” she said. “All of the makeup and harsh lighting is rough on my skin, so doing all these things plus getting enough sleep is what works for me.”

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