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Miley: I prefer less make-up

Miley Cyrus hates it when make-up artists pile on the products.

The 22-year-old star grew up on Disney show Hannah Montana but underwent a makeover in 2012 when she cut off her long hair and started wearing revealing outfits.

Looking back, she can't believe how many cosmetics people used on her when she was younger.

"I can't stand having make-up piled on. I had so many people do my make-up when I was younger and I was thinking, 'You guys are crazy putting false lashes on a 13-year-old,'" she admitted to British magazine Glamour.

"I'm only 22 now; I just don't like it when they change your face so much that you don't look like you anymore.

"A strong lip is fast and easy. I also like a bit of contour, but I don't use bronzer because I'm so white and my hair is usually pretty white too - it just looks too make-up-ey. The best thing is a dark blush."

The star's life is pretty hectic and she's also travelling around for tour and promotional purposes. While her physique is slender and toned, it's not down to a strict food plan.

"I have the worst diet right now," she sighed. "I don't work out on tour and I order fish and chips every night.

"A few years ago I ate gluten-free and did Pilates - I'd like to get back into it."

And while the bolshie star might seem the picture of confidence, she struggles with self-esteem issues. Miley admits cutting her hair was a big step, as it was the first time she felt she was being true to herself.

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