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Miley’s spacey VMA hair vibes

Miley Cyrus’ hairstylist for the VMAs Gregory Russell has revealed the secrets behind her wacky tresses.

The Wrecking Ball singer hosted the annual music ceremony and as well as a series of barely there outfits, showcased numerous wacky hair styles too. Behind each look was pro hairstylist Gregory Russell for Tigi who revealed how he pulled together the flamboyant up styles.

“I used battery-packed wire lights to create a modern spacey vibe,” he told People magazine regarding the singer’s LGBT party inspired tresses.

The base of Miley’s look involved slicking back her blonde locks into a high top knot as close to the scalp as possible. Russell used Tigi’s Bed Head Hard Head Gel to get it smooth and used this to anchor all the alternating hair pieces the star wore.

Each style featured dreads and various bold colours, and to achieve the matted locks, Russell sectioned off two and three inch pieces and added a pearl sized amount of texturising paste from root to tip. Each section was then split in half, wrapped around itself twice and then teased with a comb.

As well as the lights, Miley’s crazy hair accessories included a pig bow, oversized flowers and metallic streamers.

“We picked [them] according to the wardrobe looks pulled,” he continued. “I brought a lot of options to try with each look, and [the accessory picked] depended on the length of our changes and outfits.”

The hair pieces were anchored in place with a number of hair grips and Russell added that the whole process of creating the base and the dreads took around an hour and a half.

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