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Milla Jovovich: I don't eat junk

Milla Jovovich has ditched her "old chilli cheeseburger diet" in an attempt to transform her body.

The 35-year-old American model-and-actress is famed for her impressive figure, having appeared in many action-themed movies.

The brunette beauty has credited giving up junk food for her toned physique.

Milla has three-year-old daughter Ever with her husband Paul W. S. Anderson, and the star says since giving birth to her young child she has to work out especially hard.

"I do a lot more dieting and a lot more exercise now," she is credited as saying.

"Having a baby completely changes a woman's body, so I just have to be a lot more strict about what I eat now and just keep the food really healthy rather than my old chilli cheeseburger diet."

Milla follows a strict dietary plan to maintain her womanly curves. The stunning star avoids fatty foods, and tries to incorporate supplements into her daily intake.

"So now I try to cook and I try to eat fresh food. I take vitamins. I definitely don't eat trash," she revealed.

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