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Milla Jovovich: Male models are embarrassing

Milla Jovovich is terrified any future son of hers might want to be a model as she finds males in the profession "embarrassing".

The 35-year-old model-and-actress has three-year-old daughter Ever with her husband Paul W. S. Anderson.

Although she's proud of her work in the fashion industry, the star doesn't feel it's right for everyone. If she and Paul ever expand their family and have a son, she wouldn't encourage him to follow in her footsteps.

"Ugh. They're [male models] even worse than actors. I mean seriously: you're going to model for a living?'" she said. "It's embarrassing for a man to model. Because it's not like their career can take them anywhere - except in rare exceptions, like my ex-boyfriend [the photographer] Mario Sorrenti."

Milla is proud of her modelling career. She's worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Prada, Calvin Klein, Versace and Chanel.

She began working in the industry when she was just a little girl and is proud of her longevity.

"The girls who endure past the age of 25 are fascinating because they brought something more to the table," she told British newspaper The Telegraph. "Take the supermodels: sure they had mystique and the glamour, but those girls are smart businesswomen. Lots of pretty faces came and went over the years, but some stuck around and I happen to be one of them."

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