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Mindy Kaling leaks outfit options

Mindy Kaling has ten to 15 outfit changes per show and loves to upload teaser shots of her new wardrobe choices.

The American funnywomen has become a household name thanks to her namesake show The Mindy Project. A lot of her looks are created by costume designer Salvador Perez, who also dresses the star for red carpet events. Mindy is prolific on social media and loves uploading snaps of forthcoming show outfits. However, Salvador often begs her to scale it back.

"On most shows you wouldn’t see the dress until the episode airs. Mindy - I have to hold her hand, 'Stop Instagramming that!'" Salvador laughed to

"But it’s also kind of great because I want to talk about it. So once it’s on social media, I can do anything I want with it."

The Mindy Project first aired in 2012 and is now on its third season. Twenty per cent of the clothes are custom created by Salvador and his team and have been such a big hit there is even a website dedicated to them called The Mindy Project Style — Clothes.

"I probably put Mindy in close to 1,000 outfits over three years. [Mindy] changes ten to 15 times in an episode. In one she had 23 changes. I just sent her to San Francisco because - spoiler alert - she’s in San Francisco on the show. So we sent 11 outfits out so she could do the whole montage thing," he revealed.

Fans of the show first saw such a scene as season two came to a close, with Salvador revealing it will now be a regular fixture.

"The New York montage came when we had a great fitting and she was like, 'What about all these clothes we’re not going to use?' Well, you should do a montage! And then she did. So now we’re going to get a montage about twice a year," he smiled.

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