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Mindy Kaling's custom-made coats

Mindy Kaling has her onscreen coats custom made because they aren't available to buy in shops.

The American funnywoman stars in her self-titled sitcom The Mindy Project, a fictional show about a young Ob/Gyn doctor balancing her personal and professional life.

While there is an entire blog dedicated to Mindy's screen costumes, which often include L.K. Bennett dresses, costume designer Salvador Perez says that eagle eyed fans won't be able to find her coats in the shops.

“If I could buy these coats, I would. But the colourful, lightweight coats that fit Mindy’s character just aren’t out there," Salvador explained to

He also spoke about the common misconceptions people often have about costume designers.

“I think for a while people thought our job was easy. But there is so much more to [costume design] than just going to the mall. We are part of the storytelling process," he said.

Mindy looked stunning on the red carpet at Saturday's 16th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards.

Her aqua blue floor length gown was designed by Salvador, who was keen to add some drama to the night's outfits.

"I wanted something colourful and dramatic. I showed her some sketches and she selected one. Before I was a costume designer, I ran costume workrooms for movies, so designing and making clothes is second nature to me," Salvador revealed to People magazine.

"We work so well together and I know her body and how she likes her clothes to fit, so she let me design [a gown]. It’s a very elaborate dress."

The end result wowed Mindy, who recently sparked controversy when she appeared on the cover of Elle magazine.

Critics were quick to point out that it was a close up facial shot of the 34-year-old actress, as opposed to her entire body.

"Salvador had a vision and I was just excited to be part of it — I trust him implicitly. The colour, the silhouette, the train, it’s all decadence and drama, cut in the most flattering shape. It felt like I was getting married, so much attention was paid to me looking my absolute best," Mindy gushed.

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