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Minka Kelly 'thrilled' with film look

Minka Kelly thrilled The Butler costume designer with how much she resembled the real Jackie Kennedy's body shape.

In Lee Daniels’ movie the on-set designer Ruth E. Carter faced a challenge creating period costumes for the independent film that spans more than 80 years.

Ruth was also tasked to dress a cast of characters that includes some of the most important figures in U.S. history, such as First Lady and fashion icon Jackie Kennedy, played by Minka.

She shared how she went about creating her look.

"I had a book called Jackie Kennedy the White House Years. There would be a picture of Jackie wearing an item and then the next page would have a collector’s photograph of the item on a mannequin with a close up of the beading. Sitting down with Minka and going through these photographs was thrilling," Ruth told Entertainment Weekly. "First of all, we couldn’t get over how much she favours the real Jackie Kennedy. Secondly, her size was perfect for the era. She could [pull] it off, which was wonderful."

Ruth has dressed numerous stars for their on-screen roles throughout her career. She says the clothes Minka couldn't fit into were made by a dressmaker from patterns.

"Sometimes you get actors who are great actors, but the physical body does not match the real person they’re playing. I had a couple of racks of items that were similar to the things that were in that book," she continued. "We tried on all those items at my house [in Los Angeles]. Minka came by and I had the dressmakers and we tried on all of these looks just to get a basic pattern of what worked on her body type."

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