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Mirren's body double less than half her age

Dame Helen Mirren's body double for her new film is 39 years younger than her, but gushes how great the Oscar winner looks.

The British actress looks fantastic for her age, with a toned body that defies her 69 years.

She regularly draws praise for her red-carpet looks, and has even been known to show off her body wearing a bikini while holidaying. In fact, she is in such good shape, her body double for new flick Eye in the Sky is less than half her age and can't help but gush about how great Helen looks.

“It’s amazing to be playing her body double when I’m 40 years younger than her. But Helen looks fantastic," Fleur van Eeden smiled to British newspaper Mirror.

“No way does she look her age – she looks amazing. I want to look like that when I'm 69."

Fleur, 30, is currently on location in Cape Town, South Africa, filming the movie which co-stars Aaron Paul and Alan Rickman.

Helen has been working in film for nearly five decades, and burst on to the scene as a sexy sixties siren with long blonde hair and a buxom figure.

As well as retaining her good looks, Fleur reveals she is just as nice on the inside as she is on the outside.

“She is an amazing lady and thanked me so much for doubling her. She was awestruck by the beauty of where we were filming," she smiled.

Despite her lean figure, Helen recently admitted her attitude to exercise is pretty lax.

While she will push herself to work out, the Oscar winner prefers a slower pace when keeping fit.

“I’m not very fit at all, actually. Just this morning, I started my exercises, which I hadn’t been doing for months, maybe years. I do a thing that leads me into exercise. It’s the Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plan… It’s the exercise I’ve done on and off my whole life. It's just very gentle and gets you fit,” Helen explained to the British edition of Hello! magazine.

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