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Mirren’s lazy attitude towards exercise

Dame Helen Mirren doesn’t bother too much with exercise, but rather watches what she eats.

The 67-year-old Oscar winner admits she does not have the rigorous exercise regime her slender frame would suggest. Helen doesn’t seem to care for A-list trainers or expensive gym equipment.

Instead she favours an approach she’s used for many years.

“I’m not very fit at all, actually. Just this morning, I started my exercises, which I hadn’t been doing for months, maybe years. I do a thing that leads me into exercise. It’s the Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plan…It’s the exercise I’ve done on and off my whole life. It just very gently and gets you fit” the star explained to the British edition of Hello! magazine.

However, to stay in shape Helen focuses more on her diet. Whilst the iconic actress doesn’t like to talk about her weight, she admits that it has always gone up and down.

“Every so often I go on a diet… I go up and down the same 10lb and now I am at the top end of those 10lb and I have to get back down to the bottom end. I am the classic yo-yo dieter,” she laughed.

Helen flaunted her slender figure in the 2003 film Calendar Girls where she posed with nothing other than a few strategically placed pieces of fruit, alongside big names like Julie Walters and Celia Imrie.

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