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Mischa Barton describes 'eclectic' style

Mischa Barton has described her personal style as being "quirky and eclectic".

The 27-year-old star described her individual look that has helped her make a success out of her career as a designer.

The former O.C. actress now sells clothing and shoes at her store located in London's Spitalfields Market, which she plans to expand in the future.

"[My style is] a little bit quirky and eclectic. With a kind of sixties nod to it because my palette is quite narrowed down. I like metallics if they’re silver and gold I like mustard and tan brown and navy and white and black. I’ve narrowed down what my palette is," she told British magazine Grazia.

"I like a bit of random tweed or vintage pieces and things I’ve had for many years that I’ve collected. I like my vintage rock t-shirts. I’m tall so I don’t really wear heels but it’s hard not to buy them. I don’t really wear them nearly as much as I should considering the price."

Although Mischa was born in the UK, she has spent a large proportion of her life living and working in America. She says the style is notably different in the two countries.

"People look at you when you wear the stuff in LA because you’re so overdressed. It’s so casual which is nice on one hand but then I really enjoy coming to London and being able to put on proper clothes because you could go for weeks wearing slouchy clothes and T-shirts and jeans and sweats," she explained. "I’m not a huge wearing-sweats-out-of-the-house person but it is the kind of place where you find you can get away with that stuff. I like a reason to get dressed up."

Mischa admits she likes designer labels as well as vintage finds. The star named Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Chanel and Roberto Cavalli among her list of favourite big name brands. She says Chanel frontman Karl Lagerfeld is a personal friend of hers, although she joked is yet to meet his famous pet cat Choupette.

"He’s nice [Karl] and not as scary as he thinks everyone thinks he is. I haven’t met Choupette. I think my three dogs want interviews now!" she exclaimed.

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