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Mischa Barton perplexed by weight interest

Mischa Barton believes that in time the world will no longer be so fixated on her weight.

The 27-year-old actress has dealt with the media commenting on her figure since she first hit TV screens on The O.C. at 17.

Mischa is happy with her body and doesn’t understand why the media still has so much to say on the issue.

“I think in time it’ll just iron itself out, because I’m confident in my workout regime and myself. I like to have that ability to have down time and not exercise every day,” Mischa said in an interview with British magazine Look.

Mischa is happy with her body shape and claims her weight fluctuations were always due to a project and not because of any sort of illness. Today Mischa is comfortable with her figure, as she feels it has opened up doors for her in Hollywood.

“I’m not even curvaceous-that’s what’s funny. But I’m not totally tomboy-ish. I was when I was younger. I like that because it makes me feel I can play sexier and more mature roles.” Mischa explained.

The actress stays in shape with regular exercise and watching what she eats. Her typical workout consists of a run on the treadmill, weight training, sit-ups and push-ups. Mischa also enjoys ballet, yoga, and Pilates classes. The star insists that she works out merely to stay in shape and is not trying to alter the way she looks.

“I like to stay toned but you can't change your body shape. You are who are.” Mischa said.

Mischa doesn't agree with the idea of women wearing make-up to the gym. The star was more worried about her perfecting her looks in the past but now has a more relaxed idea of beauty.

“To be honest, I wish more women were braver without wearing make-up. I don’t see why everyone has to run around fully dolled up in order to be beautiful," she explained.

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