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Mischa Barton 'picks happiness over dieting'

Mischa Barton has reportedly decided it’s more important to be happy than skinny.

The O.C. actress has battled weight gain in the past, having previously yo-yoed between a UK size 6 and a size 14. The actress was photographed walking around Los Angeles last week and appeared to be sporting a fuller figure. Those close to Mischa claim she is tired of following a rigid eating plan.

“She doesn’t care about the speculation that comes with her weight gain. She says it’s more important that she’s happy,” a source told British magazine Closer. “Mischa feels girls in LA have to be a size 8 to get work, so she always feels under pressure. She hopes she can give other women inspiration. She hates being skinny as she constantly feels hungry. She’s happy with the way she feels within herself now.

“She’s an emotional eater… Mischa jokes about having a ‘big’ and ‘skinny’ wardrobe, but would like to be a constant size.”

The 27-year-old star has previously spoken out about the focus on her weight. In 2009, she expressed her frustration with the fascination surrounding her appearance.

“I feel like it’s, ‘Oh my God, she’s anorexic,’ or ‘Oh my God, she’s put on 5lbs.’ You can’t do right one way or the other,” Mischa explained. “In the end I have to stop caring – what matters to me is looking fantastic for the movies I do, so I make sure I get in shape for them.”

According to insiders, Mischa’s new body confidence is down to her stable relationship with her boyfriend.

“She’s with Sebastian Knapp and she’s in a good place,” a source told British magazine Heat. “She’s tired of having to starve herself when she’s naturally bigger, so has relaxed a bit.”

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